About Chill 'N' Grill BBQ Trailers

Thank you for finding us and for checking us out!  

We are a genuine small Australian family business and have been building specialised trailers for over 23 years

We started with designing and manufacturing "Australian Made" Camper Trailers, Hybrid Vans and now these BBQ - chilling and grilling - catering trailers.

We are proud to have stayed "Australian" through all these years and have survived the competition of foreign imports.  Our quality and prompt service have shone through and ... we have survived Covid 19!  

Personal and good honest service is one of the reasons we believe we have kept on keeping on! 

We hope you also like our product too and if you are in the market for BBQ Trailer to last you many years of service...not just a few... we look forward to hearing more from you. 

Take care Australia and keep supporting local! 

Chris and Linda - Owner Operators
Team Chill n Grill smile